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Dave Jacques is an organizational facilitator and Agile coach. He helps create engaging and effective team dynamics by adopting people-first behaviors and attitudes.

The challenge of any transition is the commitment and participation of people in the change. Uncertainty, the unknown and misunderstanding make any change even more complex. It's not about finding the magic recipe, but rather opting for an approach that focuses on quality human interactions. The result will be a lasting change that is tailored to the people and the organization.

Why? Because only the participation of people in their own transformation will ensure real change.

Explore. Dare. Transform.

  • Agile Transformation

  • Improuve teamwork

  • Organizational changes

  • Communicate better with each other

  • Personal developement


  • Facilitation

  • Coaching

  • Training

  • Conferences

  • Negociation

  • Conflict management


Demystify. Understand. Invite.


The goal is to work together with an inclusive and adaptive approach.

  1. Let's start with your needs, expectations, concerns

  2. Let's talk to understand each other better

  3. Understand the current situation

  4. Make a game plan together

  5. Iterate and adjust based on feedback and results obtained

  6. Start again if needs, expectations or concerns change

  7. End the coaching

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